Amazon Canoe Adventure in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Canoe Adventure in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest

Join us on an Amazing Canoe Adventure and make your Amazon Jungle experience truly unforgettable!

In a recent survey by The Discovery Channel – #17 on the world’s top 25 must-do life experiences is to go jungle trekking and river kayaking in the Amazon Basin. (source:

Trip Overview

  • 3 to 6 days on the Nanay River in traditional dugout canoes
  • Length of trip can be customized to your schedule.
  • 4 to 5 hours canoe travel each day. (approximately 7am-12pm)
  • Jungle Lodge accommodation is possible for the first and last nights.
  • We will be camping in tents on the riverbank every other night. (all equipment provided)
  • Afternoon activities include: jungle treks, fishing, wildlife/bird watching, visiting jungle villages. And learning about the real Amazon.
  • Professional and fluent English speaking jungle guide is always available.

 Tour Description

Hi, my name is Angel and I would like to invite you to join me on my Amazon Canoe Adventure.

Most people who come to the visit the Amazonian jungle in Peru typically choose stay in posh jungle lodges. Each day they take part in various organized activities such as: jungle walks, fishing, as well as bird and animal watching. This type of domesticated tourist experience is fine for some people, but it’s not truly representative of the Amazon and it will not satisfy those with a thirst for real adventure or those who prefer to get off of the beaten track.

I want to provide an experience that will satisfy those more adventurous people, while doing something that is truly unique. This is something that no one else is currently offering in Iquitos. Therefore, I’ve decided to create a wonderful canoe adventure that will provide you with a unique and adventurous experience of the real Amazon.

We will be mainly paddling down tributaries of the Amazonian river for several days in our traditional dugout canoes. Our adventures our based around getting out into the forest and camping on the river banks but we also have partnerships with local lodges where we can accommodate guests with clean beds/bathrooms,etc. During the daytime we will be canoeing down the rivers and visiting with several Amazonian villages where we will meet the people who live and often spend their whole lives there. We will also be taking walks into the jungle and will see bountiful wildlife. I promise this will be an incredibly fulfilling and wonderful experience that you will never forget.

Here is an outline of our full 5 day adventure ($600 w/lodges, $500 wo/lodges):

(Note: Between the months of June and August we will have excellent opportunites for fishing. Common fish we will encounter will be: Peacock Bass, several types of CatFish, Baracuda, Piranha, various types of Trout, Mudsucker, Pacu, Gamitana, and many more…)

On our first day we will be taking a fast boat about three and a half hours upstream from Iquitos along the Nanay River into the Allpahuayo Mishana National Reserve to a small jungle town named Diamante Azul. In this area we will be likely to observe a great number of birds and reptiles. This is a village that’s rarely visited by foreigners but you’ll find the local people to be very warm welcoming. In Diamante we will be camping and doing jungle walks where we will observe Amazonian wildlife. An incredible opportunity for students of all types including but not limited to: ornithologists, herpetologists, and biologists.

We also have an alternate route planned for those who would prefer to stay in a jungle lodge on their first night. Our lodge facilities are located in the beautiful Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo National Reserve. Here we will find a plethora of intriguing plants, frogs, and primates to observe, while enjoying the wonderful comforts of the jungle lodge.

Rising early in the morning on the second day we will take our speed boat to the town of Santa Maria. It’s from here that we will begin our canoe journey down the tributaries and streams assisted by the current of the Amazon. While the travel will be slower via canoe, it is much easier to see wildlife and to examine the vibrant life of the jungle.

The passengers will be encouraged to paddle the canoes at a slow and comfortable pace stopping for the day at about 12pm noon each day on a beach or in a local community for lunch. After lunch we will spend the afternoon taking jungle walks, fishing, and swimming. This village is also well known for it’s local healers and shamans who have an extensive knowledge of the medicinal plants of the area. Dinner will be served at around 7.00p.m., with camping each night in our tents.

This part of the River Nanay is teaming with wildlife and it is not unusual to see the Giant Amazon Otters at play. We can see primates, birdlife, rodents, and many species of fish because this area is not over fished like other rivers closer to Iquitos. One fish of interest is the black pirahña which can grow up to 12lbs in weight and really do put up a fight when hooked. Some of the Ox Bow lakes nearby contain the famous Peacock Bass which can grow up to 10lbs. The Peacock Bass is known to be the strongest fighting freshwater fish in the World, (pound for pound) and they are great for eating too.

These conoe journies to various jungle villages and beautiful parts of the Amazon will be our main focus for the following 3 days, eventually arriving back in Iquitos. While out on our canoe adventour we will have a flexible itinerary based around the interests of those on the tour. There is also the option to return to the jungle lodges for our last night on the river rather than camping.

If you don’t have 5-6 days available for this adventour then it’s possible we can start the tour closer to Iquitos so that we’re only paddling a couple of days. That being said, if you are the more adventurous type who would prefer to go out on a longer and deeper treck, we have the guides who can safely take you there too. In general we are very flexible to tailor our tours to fit both your budget, wants, and needs. Our knowledgeable guides will make sure that each and every day spent on the river will be spent in a productive, educational, and exhilarating way.

If you’d like to come along with us simply fill out the registration form on the next page and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please note we do need a minimum of 2 people per tour, and our availability depends on demand and the flexibility of each person interests.


These prices include all food, transport, equipment and camping accommodations

2 Nights / 3 Days – wo lodge / $300 per person, w lodge / $400.

3 Nights / 4 Days – wo lodge / $400 per person, w lodge / $500

4 Nights / 5 Days – wo lodge / $500 per person, w lodge / $600

We can also provide discounts for groups of 4 or more.


“I had a great experience with Miguel Angel Gomez “Angel” when I spent some time in Iquitos,Peru. He has an adventurous spirit and endless knowledge of the jungle and its plant and wildlife close to Iquitos. With boundless energy,warm and a very friendly character. I would recommend him to anyone who wants an authentic,exciting and adventurous trip,and experience.” – Aaron Brito (England)

“I traveled to Iquitos for the purpose of taking a canoe trip into the jungle and Miguel Angel Gomez was the right man for the job. He had me picked up at the airport and brought right to the good hotel he booked for me. The Canoe trip itself was very well planned out and carried out. It was into an area with very little traffic and felt like what I was looking for …remote. We spent 5 days on the river and my only regret is that I didn’t book a longer trip. I have no hesitation in recommending this company for similar trips.” – Jason, Ontario, Canada

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